Zann is the most violent country in Alksheist. Its monarch, the Great Empress Zann, will stop at nothing to get what she wants. "What she wants" encompasses the neighboring country of Seville, which is nearly burnt and pulverized to ashes by the Zann natives, quilgbi.

Native Population

Quilgbi (singular: quilgbus) are toad people. They carry many strange toad diseases and thrive in the strange, half-frozen climate of Zann. Each quilgbus receives a quiggle at the age of fourteen. A quiggle is like the neopet, but it is actually more like a toad and rather huge. Quiggle get to be around twenty feet long and about ten feet tall when they mature.

Their dragons are known as travellers and they are born in the magma pools heating the volcanic lakes. They are hulking beasts that resemble giant eels, but their insides are all magma. They have no gills and all their energy comes from their magma. They swim around with several hundred fins along their bodies and have eyes down both sides of their bodies along with no mouth or head to speak of. Really, they're very, very strange beings.


Zann is a mountainous country and is very cold year-round. Still, the special toads that live in Zann thrive in Zann. The country is littered with swamps and bogs that are on top of volcanic springs to keep them warm. Strange trees resembling evergreens with a maple trunk grow from these wetlands, even stranger creatures roaming the dirty waters.

Two main rivers are in Zann, the Desfile and the Hudgover. These two rivers are large and make swamps whenever they meet the volcanic lakes around Zann. The volcanic lakes not connected to rivers remain just lakes, although very strange things dwell in them including Zann's only native species of dragon.


The capitol of Zann is Quigma. It is very industrial and not a pretty sight. Zann is one of the only countries to have evolved weapons beyond a standard ion ray gun due to their outlook on world conquest. They have developed ray pistols and flamethrowers along with rediscovering gunpowder (sulfur is extremely rare on Alksheist) for their cannons. Ignoring international treaties against such weapons has made Zann completely isolated with no allies. Couriers occasionally dare to attempt to speak to the Great Empress Zann with little or no change in foreign affairs with Seville.

Conflict Zone

The main conflict between Seville and Zann lie with an extremely small archipelago between the two countries. It has abundant resources and many interesting anomalies, but only about a hundred square feet of land is above the ground on the largest of five hundred islands. It is a place of scientific importance and both have been fighting over it for the past fifty years, thus leaving both countries' technology not nearly as advanced as it is in other countries.