The technology in Alksheist is a curious thing. Over the thousands of years humanoids have settled the planet's surface, technology has grown in leaps and bounds, but also has taken some backwards steps. Currently, in the Dragon Era, the technology in some of the countries is what could be referred to as ultramodern, or futuristic. Other places, the technology can be considered medieval, or even up to modern Earth standards. Cars and guns exist in this world, but as do hovercraft and advanced farming techniques.

Alksheist's focus on magic as a way of life skews their vision of science, creating an entirely different paradigm than the one we are used to. Though they may reach the same conclusions about common knowledge, the way they get there can be very different.

Computer Science

Although computers exist in the same size and capacity, if not a higher capability, than the computers we are familiar with, they don't see much use with the general public. Alksheist does not have a World Wide Web. Certain cities such as Altshoff and Xidwin have Intranets that connect devices within the range of the city, but there is no Internet to provide communication between countries, or even between most cities.

Medical Science

Medical science in Alksheist is not the best. With many species of humanoid, not to mention the other sentient creatures, finding an individual who is knowledgable enough to practice medicine on everyone is nearly impossible. Besides that, the focus on magical as opposed to mundane means and reasons has hampered medical advancement. There are some bacteria with magical properties, as well.

The academic focus on magic has led to some doctors quitting the mainstream field and working unlicensed and off the record. Though these criminal doctors are generally better at keeping their patients alive, they also have a hard time convincing the magic-obsessed public that their methods work.

Surgery in Alksheist can be a dangerous endeavor. The metal used in surgical equipment is impossible to sterilize, and the idea of cross-contamination has not occurred to the majority of the academic field. Most people would rather live with pain and foreign objects in their body than risk dying on an operating table.