Shadelings is an intermediate forum roleplay located on Jcink. The roleplay takes place in the world of Alksheist, which is located in a fictional star system orbiting the star we on Earth know as Bellatrix. Our roleplay centers around Evercrest Academy, which is located in the country called Alluum. Evercrest Academy is the place to become a professional dragon rider in Alluum, and the only place to become a part of one of the nine dragon rider classes.

Alksheist is continuously growing, and we invite our members to make wiki pages about any kind of lore! The world is our playground, after all; and the admins can't think of everything in Alksheist.

Where To Start

Shadelings takes place in a huge world, and we have quite a few things that make us unique. The best place for new members to start is at the site's "Need To Know" section. You can also start at our starter guide, which reiterates the information at the site into wiki form for ease of access.

It isn't important to know everything on the wiki, but do know that everything is on the wiki. If you have a question about something, it's probably here somewhere. Don't be afraid to ask about things, though; the worst we'll do is link you to the right wiki page!

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