Egivelyn (/ɛdʒiː.vɛlɪn/) is the second-largest continent on Alksheist. It's a vast marshland with many strange creatures roaming about its many miles of land. Several tribes of elves - twenty-one to be exact - watch over the Egivelyn marshlands and jealously guarding their own territories. The continent is divided into many different territories, but for the sake of the outside world, the elves have set up neutral ground on an outlying island, Robin Island, and Egivelyn's capitol, Robin's Nest, is situated there.

Not many outsiders observe the traditions of the twenty-one tribes of Egivelyn and not many outsiders come to the continent due to the dangerous tribe wars and extreme territorial activity of the natives. Those who do travel into the continent's depths are scientists, diplomats, or die-hard adventurers looking for ancient treasure.

Robin's Nest

Robin's Nest is a surprisingly modern city compared to the whole of Egivelyn. It's mainly used by foreigners and to talk out disputes between elven tribes, although some natives have estranged themselves from their tribes to come live in the relative peace of Robin's Nest.

Native Species

The elves of Egivelyn vary by tribe. Some may have wings or no magic or bright orange skin or be able to shapeshift - it all depends on the tribe from which the elf has come from. Hybrid elves are not frowned upon in the elven community and, once they are of age, they are allowed to pick which tribe they'd prefer to live in. Their parents will be executed soon after the hybrid child chooses a tribe, though.

Egivelyn doesn't have an equivalent to Alluumnian dragons, but some elf tribes have specialized mounts according to the terrain that they call home. Most find themselves with partners like giant cats, alligators, or large birds, but there is one tribe - Alum'nee (where Alluum gets its name from) - that uses dragons as mounts. They live in the polar region of Egivelyn and their dragons are great, amphibious beasts that thrive in freezing cold conditions. The Alum'nee elves are equally as adapted to the cold, their bodies often being covered in feathers or fur and their body temperatures being around 110 degrees Fahrenheit. The Alum'nee use their dragons for hunting and navigating the small islands, Frazeinuzig, of the south of Egliveyln.

The Tribes of Egivelyn

New information about the cultures of traditions of the twenty-one tribes in Egivelyn is always coming it. Currently the following is documented:

  • Izlix Tribe - Incredibly small but renowned group of shapeshifters. They are known for their red hair, well guarded secrets, and the head of Evercrest's sorcerer class Kalall Formeweaver.
  • Moon Elves -