Member groups here at Shadelings line up with a character's class. These classes are akin to the generic RPG classes of rogue, magic and melee and are sorted as such. Evercrest has nine classes, and everyone is eligible for every class; however, some classes are still rooted in the dogma of past times and it may be difficult for a nonmagic character to get into a magic class, for example.

The member groups only reflect what class characters are in; they do not show the rank. Class ranks are: mentors, students and the class head. Each character's miniprofile will identify them as one of these ranks.

Magic Classes

Alchemists are the scholars of Alluum. They also use their magic in scientific ways, storing up to two (or three for powerful mages) elements from the periodic table in their bodies. The class is headed by FIRSTNAME LASTNAME, played by NAME. 

Divines are the religious leaders of Alluum. They use their magic to connect to the other realm and summon and speak with spirits. The class is headed by Balthazar Itzal, played by Scarlet. 

Sorcerers are the battlemages of Alluum. They learn how to use melee weapons, but most of their fighting is done with magic. The class is headed by Kalall Formeweaver, played by Tori. 

Neutral Classes

Couriers are the diplomats of Alluum, and often span to being diplomats across the nations of Alksheist. They are talented orators and have a hand in many going-ons in Alksheist. The class is headed by Morgan Daviat, played by Robyn. 

Erasers are assassins working for many different people across Alksheist. They are masters of disguise and stealth, getting their jobs done quickly and without a trace. The class is headed by Constance Dreamweaver, played by Pony. 

Wardens are the protectors of the forests and wildlife across Alluum. There are distinct parts of the warden hierarchy, but they all share a common goal of preserving nature. The class is headed by Primrose Griffin, played by Heather.

Melee Classes

Crusaders are the knights of Alluum. They are proficient with many weapons and are a force to be reckoned with. The class is headed by FIRSTNAME LASTNAME, played by NAME. 

Intermediaries are the mailpeople of Alksheist. They carry letters and packages overseas and to dangerous areas. The class is headed by Lollipop Grande, played by Versias.

Vanguards are the spies of Alluum. They go into very dangerous areas to gather intel on important happenings around Alksheist for Alluum. The class is headed by FIRSTNAME LASTNAME, played by NAME.