Shadelings is a collaborative effort! As such, we accept lore submissions from all of our members. Have a really cool idea for something you'd like to see in the Shadelings universe? Awesome, here are some simple steps. Our lore submission process is due to be updated soon to incorporate the wiki more completely, but for now you should:

  1.  Read the existing lore! Make sure nothing would be overlapping. 
  2. Buy your lore-making privledges from the store
  3. Submit the lore via the shadelings site form.
  4. Once the admins approve it, you will receive points and we will put it up on the wiki for it to join the official Shadelings info!

Note: you have to maintain your lore-making privledges with points from posting, because while we love lore we want you to be active roleplayers too!

This page has lore of all kinds, original as well as submitted content from our members.

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